How UN Deals With The Latest Reports On Armed Hostilities In Ukraine

Due to rising armed hostilities in Ukraine, UN reports indicate that the conflict never really stopped there. These conflicts took more casualties and brought more damage and death over the past months and there are some indications that the water infrastructure storing extremely dangerous chemicals might be at risk. This risk could be posing even greater threat to the environment and human lives than the conflict itself. In case that any serious damage happens to this infrastructure, we could be looking at a catastrophe which should be prevented by any means necessary.

In the addition to this already overwhelming situation comes the falling temperature as well as the interruptions of the daily ceasefire that further aggravate what is already a dire humanitarian and human rights situation, regardless of the side.

It is absolutely clear that this conflict cannot bring any good and the reports that the hostilities never actually stopped are more than shocking. The question remains on the matter what will the UN do about this conflict and how long will they let the situation degenerate furthermore.

No end in near sight

It seems that every day in Ukraine presents an existential problem for the citizens of that endangered country. Every day, millions of lives there are affected by the conflicts and judging by the reactions of the citizens, it will only get worse. The whole country is compromised and it seems that the consequences of these conflicts are falling the heaviest on those nearest to the contact line. People all around the world are hoping for the best as the uncertainty hovers above.

The situation in Ukraine has been monitored from all sides and the heads of the country are all looking for the best possible solution that would bring an end to this prolonged tragedy. In less than three months, there have been numerous reports of all sorts of violence. From sexual violence related to the conflict and torture to enforced disappearances, deprivation of freedom as well as individual killings. All of this only illustrates the devastating atmosphere of complete impunity and grave violations that heavily prevail in the conflict zone. It has become perfectly clear that this conflict is not about to end anytime sooner and the question remains how this nation will be able to endure all this suffering in the time that comes. The heads of UN and Ukraine are working on finding a solution that would bring an end to this mindless violence that can bring nothing good to both sides.

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